Harvest September 13, 2013

Sorting-Table-HandsThe crew had their hands full today with Pinot, Pinot, Pinot!

We received our allotments from Julia’s Vineyard, Melville Vineyard, as well as half of the fruit off of Block 43 at Bien Nacido Vineyard.

Billy said the fruit is all “great quality” and the “crew did a great job today!”

The Julia’s fruit came in from the B3 Block and is 100% Pommard clone. Off the truck the clusters weighed in at 6 tons! The crew de-stemmed by hand and the clean berries went into open top fermenters.

We received our 2 ton allotment from Melville Vineyard today from the Estate C Block and the berries are Clones 115 & 777. These clusters were also sorted by hand and went into the fermenters 100% whole berry de-stemmed to await pressing.Winemaker

Last but not least is our Clone 667 Pinot Noir from Block 43 at Bien Nacido. The clusters weighed  in at 6 tons and are looking great . We still have half of Block 43 left to pick, so hopes are high for this vineyard designate in the coming years. Just like the Julia’s and Melville Pinot, the Block 43 berries were de-stemmed by hand and went into our open top fermenters.

Billy is happy with how the Harvest is going so far and is pleased with how well and hard the crew is working. Looks like the 2013 Vintage is shaping up to be a beautiful one! Cheers!

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