Foxen Canyon Wildlife Sightings

2013-09-22 19.57.38

Have you ever wondered where all the lees and sediments in the bottom of wine barrels go? No? Well, we bet you’re wondering now!

Here at Foxen we take the leftover yeast, grape skins, and other sediments that come out of our barrels after being cleaned and we spread them in our adjoining Rancho Tinaquaic field. The barrel sediments provide nutrients for the soil, plant life and even the local fauna!

2013-09-22 19.57.48

Yesterday morning our field was invaded not only by an elderly Coyote, but three Doe, and a huge flock of wild Turkeys! They all came for one thing, the wine sediments that we spread in the field! It’s incredible to be surrounded by so much wildlife out here in the canyon and to be able to give back to the environment in more than one way!

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