Harvest Report

DavidIt’s a cold morning out on the canyon. The Autumn weather has definitely arrived. A thick fog blankets the landscape. Oaks are shadowy figures and the vines become pathways leading into the unknown. The winery is quiet. The vineyard crew are picking this morning and Joe and Bingo are silently working on punch downs, while Billy & David make preparations for the coming day.  The quiet is suddenly disturbed by forklifts starting up. There is an urgency in the movement of the machines loading bins onto the truck. Fruit is coming in today, the first of the Syrah from Williamson-Dore Vineyard and Pinot Noir from Riverbench Vineyard.


It’s quiet again now and the sun is just starting to break through the fog. The anticipation of a big day can be felt on the crush pad. We’re moving into the next phase of Harvest. So far our sorting tables, fermentation tanks, press and barrels have been overloaded with Pinot Noir. We have been busy so far, and it’s only going to get busier as the Rhones and soon the Bordeauxs begin to become ready for picking.Pinot-Berries

Bodies and minds are tired. Hands are chapped and stained with juice and dirt. Fleeces layered to fend off the chill of the Fall morning. These quiet moments will be the last of the day. Once the fruit arrives all that is forgotten and the fruit becomes all that matters. The fruit is all that matters this time of year, and it’s worth it.

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