Meet the Foxens! It’s time for Victoria!

Hello friends and family. We’ve got another Foxen staff profile for you this week, and it’s an employee that most of you will recognize, Victoria!

Hi Vic, thanks for joining us this week.
Oh, that’s my pleasure.

What do you do here at Foxen and how long have you been with us?5209_1035435464200_2268076_n
I am a tasting room associate and I am happy to say that I’ve been at Foxen for 4 1/2 years!
Oh, so you were here before the new tasting room was built!
Yes indeed.

Could you tell us what your favorite Foxen wine is?
My favorite red would have to be Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, and my favorite white is the Vogelzang Sauvignon Blanc. Very yummy!

Do you have a favorite food pairing for either of those wines?
I really love to have Crab Eggs Benedict with the Sauv Blanc. It’s a delicious brunch treat!

Do you have a favorite local restaurant that you frequent?
I really enjoy the Sea Venture in Pismo Beach.

What type of wine best represents your personality?
California sparkling bubbles!
Why is that?
I think I have a very bubbly and bright personality.

You are our only employee who lives outside of Santa Barbara County. Where are you at and why do you love living there?
I currently live in Nipomo, up in SLO County. I love being up there because its young, has a lot going on, and there is a great wine region up there too.
Must be nice having the balance of both SBC and SLO County.
I do love it, it’s pretty happening up there.

Where are some places you’ve lived besides the Central Coast?
I lived in Central Oregon and the Willamatte Valley.

If you could choose any wine growing region in the world where would you choose?
Right here! I love being in California! It’s so beautiful and the climate can’t be beat.

What is your favorite pastime?
I really enjoy a good book and great music.Halloween 2011 005

All of our staff members featured so far have pets. Do you?
Sadly, no, but I do greatly enjoy our winery cats PoPo and Jack who lives down at the Shack.
We all love those cats for sure!

Outside of wine, what would you say your greatest passion is?
Definitely food, people, and music.

Alright, last question. Can you give us some fun facts about yourself that no one else knows?
Oh sure! I love to sing, I don’t care if it’s good or bad. It always puts me in a good mood. I also love collecting Cracker Jack prizes! I’ve got a few goodies for sure.

That was great! Thank you so much for sharing with us this week Vic.
It was my pleasure!

Next time you stop in the Tasting Rooms be sure to say hi to Victoria and ask her about her favorite Cracker Jack prizes. Cheers friends and we’ll see you next week with another staff highlight!

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