Meet the Foxens! She’s our special lady!

This week we have someone very special, as well as someone you all know and love already. The one and only Moselle!

Hi MoMo!
What’s cracking!?
I hear you have a special nickname you want to share with us today.1078190_190904631076127_199039130_n
Oh I Mowezzy 4 Sheezy!

What do you do here at Foxen?
I am the Wine Club Ambassador and I rock the tasting rooms as well.

How long have you been with us?
Eleven years…and then some.

That is impressive! In all those years have you chosen a favorite Foxen wine?
Julia’s Pinot Noir. She my sexy lady!

What do you love most about wine?
It’s ability to tell a story. Wine encompasses chemistry, geography, history and art. It’s amazing how winemakers can make such different wines from some of the same grapes. It’s their canvas.

Mo, you are definitely our resident foodie. Do you have a favorite food and wine pairing?
I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I love Strawberry Shortcake with Foxen’s Late Harvest Viognier.
Good thing summer is almost here. That sounds lovely!

What are your favorite local and non-local restaurants?
Oh, Ballard Inn for sure as my favorite local restaurant. I love Farallon in San Fransisco too.

What grape varietal best represents your personality and why?
Pinot Noir. Not only is it my favorite grape varietal, it’s the diva of all grapes! It can exude everything from funkadelic to delicacy and finesse. It thrives in only the most particular places in the world and only the most skilled winemakers and farmers can master it!1061348_186655811501009_1593788243_o
Could not have said that better myself!

What do you love most about living in Santa Barbara County?
The farm to table, fresh, local food and all of the award winning wines!

Where are some places you’ve lived besides the Central Coast?
Marin County. Another Pinot wine growing region, I was so close to Russian River!

If you could choose to live in any wine growing region in the world, where would you choose and why?
I’d go right back up to Russian River, specifically Headlesberg. It’s so beautiful up there, and Pinot…need I say more?

Outside of wine, what is your biggest passion?
Jewelry! If I could pick a different job I would be an AJP, Accredited Jewelry Professional.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?
Hehehe, Cooking! And I watch Jewelry Television.

Do you have any pets?1237810_205943649572225_623410093_o
Oh yeah! Jasper aka Varmitzka the Rodent Hit Woman!
What breed is she?
She’s my Pitt. I love her!

Give us one fun fact about you that no one else knows about you.
I’m a performer! In middle schoold I was in a lot of plays, my favorite rolls were Ursula in the Little Mermaid, and Baloo the Bear in the Jungle Book. I was in the Central Coast Drill Team in high school. We performed in the Rose Parade in Pasadena. I was a Soul Train dancer in College!

Last question, if you could have any super power what would it be and why?
To see the future for one week. That’s all I’d need to hit the Powerball!

Haha, as always, thanks for being you MoMo. You’re awesome!
Anything for you!

Next time you come visit us make sure you say hi to Mo and tell her how beautiful she is with all of her jewelry! We’ll have another Foxen staff profile next week for you! Cheers friends!


3rd Annual “Two Pillars of Pinot” 2015 Wine Cruise

Dick and Jenny are very proud and excited to announce the wine cruise that they will be hosting with Martinelli Vineyards & Winery.

This Oceania cruise will travel from Barcelona to Lisbon June 28th through July 7th, 2015. Ports of call include: Barcelona, Marseille, Livorno, St. Tropez, Valencia, Almeria, Cadiz, Portimao, and Lisbon. It will be the ultimate Mediterranean get away!

Your ticket aboard includes private parties, special tastings, and winemaker dinners. You will feast on gourmet cuisine created by world-renowned Master Chef Jacques Papin.

To book your stateroom please call 800.367.5348 or visit the Food and Wine Trails website here.

Cruise Praise

Oceana CruisePrices

Meet the Foxens! Classy lady #2

Hello again everyone! Hope you are warm or enjoying the winter weather where ever you are! We quite frankly are enjoying all this much needed rain!!! This week we have a rock solid employee interview for your enjoyment. This week it’s Cecelia!

Hi CeCe! So glad I’m finally getting to highlight you.
Oh, thank you.CeCe2

What do you do here at Foxen?
I work full time in the Tasting Room and I’ve been here for about 1 1/2 years.

You definitely are a staple holding us together. In your time at Foxen have you picked out any favorite wines?
Well, I love our Julia’s Pinot Noir, and the Tinaquaic Cab Franc can’t be beat. Both are just so good.

What is it that you love most about wine?
I love sharing wine with friends, and how pairing the right wine with the right food can be like magic!

Speaking of food and pairings, do you have an all time favorite?
I had these Lamb Lollipops paired with our Tinaquaic Syrah. That one really stands out in my mind!
THAT is an interesting food pairing!
Yeah, haha, it was a lot of fun.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in the area that you love to frequent?
Trattoria Ulliveto in Old Orcutt is my favorite local restaurant. I always order the Pumpkin Ravioli in butter sage cream sauce.
Do you have a favorite restaurant that isn’t local?
The Lido in Dolphin Bay up in Shell Beach is great. I love it.

If you could pick a grape varietal that best represents your personality, what would it be and why?CeCe1
Sangiovese because its bold and spicy!
That’s awesome Ce.

What do you love most about living and being in Santa Barbara County?
Well, it’s my home. I was raised here, my family and friends are here. I just love it!

Where else have you lived besides the Central Coast?
I’m a California girl. I’ve lived in Los Angeles and Fresno.

If you could live in any wine growing region where would you choose and why?
Tuscany, for sure. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.
You’ve been to Tuscany?! Now I’m jealous!

Outside of wine, what is your greatest passion?
My husband.
CeCe, you’re so sweet!

Do you have any hobbies or a favorite pastime at the moment?
My husband, John, is trying to teach me golf. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and it gives us another opportunity to hang out with each other.

Do you and John have any pets together?CeCe3
Sadly, no. But I do love Jack the Shack Cat. He’s a character and is so much fun to hang out with.

Here’s a fun question, do you have a fun fact for us that no one else knows about you?
Mmmm, I guess it’s safe to say that I’m addicted to watching “The Real Housewives: Beverley Hills.”

Final question, if you could have any super power, what would it be?
I’d really love to be able to fly around like Superman. Who wouldn’t love that?

Too true! Thank you so much for your time this week CeCe.
My pleasure.

Next time you come visit us check in at the Shack to see CeCe with Jack and maybe even catch up on last weeks episode of the Real Housewives! We’ll be back next week with a new staff profile! Cheers friends!

Meet the Foxens! It’s time for Victoria!

Hello friends and family. We’ve got another Foxen staff profile for you this week, and it’s an employee that most of you will recognize, Victoria!

Hi Vic, thanks for joining us this week.
Oh, that’s my pleasure.

What do you do here at Foxen and how long have you been with us?5209_1035435464200_2268076_n
I am a tasting room associate and I am happy to say that I’ve been at Foxen for 4 1/2 years!
Oh, so you were here before the new tasting room was built!
Yes indeed.

Could you tell us what your favorite Foxen wine is?
My favorite red would have to be Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, and my favorite white is the Vogelzang Sauvignon Blanc. Very yummy!

Do you have a favorite food pairing for either of those wines?
I really love to have Crab Eggs Benedict with the Sauv Blanc. It’s a delicious brunch treat!

Do you have a favorite local restaurant that you frequent?
I really enjoy the Sea Venture in Pismo Beach.

What type of wine best represents your personality?
California sparkling bubbles!
Why is that?
I think I have a very bubbly and bright personality.

You are our only employee who lives outside of Santa Barbara County. Where are you at and why do you love living there?
I currently live in Nipomo, up in SLO County. I love being up there because its young, has a lot going on, and there is a great wine region up there too.
Must be nice having the balance of both SBC and SLO County.
I do love it, it’s pretty happening up there.

Where are some places you’ve lived besides the Central Coast?
I lived in Central Oregon and the Willamatte Valley.

If you could choose any wine growing region in the world where would you choose?
Right here! I love being in California! It’s so beautiful and the climate can’t be beat.

What is your favorite pastime?
I really enjoy a good book and great music.Halloween 2011 005

All of our staff members featured so far have pets. Do you?
Sadly, no, but I do greatly enjoy our winery cats PoPo and Jack who lives down at the Shack.
We all love those cats for sure!

Outside of wine, what would you say your greatest passion is?
Definitely food, people, and music.

Alright, last question. Can you give us some fun facts about yourself that no one else knows?
Oh sure! I love to sing, I don’t care if it’s good or bad. It always puts me in a good mood. I also love collecting Cracker Jack prizes! I’ve got a few goodies for sure.

That was great! Thank you so much for sharing with us this week Vic.
It was my pleasure!

Next time you stop in the Tasting Rooms be sure to say hi to Victoria and ask her about her favorite Cracker Jack prizes. Cheers friends and we’ll see you next week with another staff highlight!

Meet the Foxens!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We have another Foxen staff interview for your reading pleasure. This week we have a behind the scenes staff member for you! The one and only Kielly!

Hi Kielly, thanks for sharing with us this week. We hear that you have quite a few aliases. 15834_292308620510_2340581_n
Hello! I do indeed. I’m sometimes known as Kielly Jo, KiKi, JoJo, Darth Ki, and many others.

What do you do at Foxen?
More like, what don’t I do. My official title is Shipping & Social Media Administrator. I run our web stores, ship wines, photography, graphic design, and marketing. The list goes on, haha.

How long have you been working at Foxen?
I just passed my year anniversary the first week of February. Time flies!

If you can, will you tell us your favorite Foxen wine?
Oh that’s an easy question. I LOVE the Tinaquaic Cab Franc. It’s heaven.

What do you love most about wine?
That I can never know everything about it. I will literally be able to spend the rest of my life growing in the wine industry, and I will never run out of new things to learn. As a nerd, I love that.

168314_10150360873290511_1127733_nWe hear you used to be in the food service industry. What has been your all time favorite food and wine pairing?
Yeesh, that’s a tough question. My partner and I eat a lot of Mexican food, and my favorite varietals are Grenache and Cab Franc. So give me a spicy burrito and one of those wines and I’m a happy camper!

Can you tell us what your favorite local and non-local restaurants are?
My favorite restaurant in the Santa Ynez Valley has to be Industrial Eats or Full of Life Flatbread. Non-local is harder. I lived in Portland so all my favorites are up there. But since I have to choose, I’d say that Lovely’s Fifty Fifty is my favorite restaurant in Portland.

Getting back to wine, which grape varietal would you say best represents your personality?
Haha, here we go…I’ve been told I’m Garnacha (the Spanish Grenache), because I have a BIG personality. Garnacha is a very self assured varietal, you know exactly what you are going to get, which is spiciness, strong tannins, big fruit flavors, full-body, and lots of layers. At the same time I don’t take myself too seriously, we’re both approachable.

What do you love most about living in Santa Barbara County?
I’m relatively new to the area (almost 2 years now), but this place is gorgeous! Lots of yummy food, great outdoor activities, lovely people, and it’s secluded enough to feel safe and homey.

Where are some places you’ve lived other than the Central Coast?16434_320882160510_1210233_n
Bishop, Reno, San Luis Obispo, and Portland, Oregon.

If you could choose any wine growing region in the world to live in, where would you choose and why?
Alsace, France. The wines from that region are rapidly becoming my favorite. I also love the history behind the region. It’s been under both German and French control, so the culture there is incredible.

What is your greatest passion outside of wine?
Besides my family, definitely all things Disney and then Star Wars. Nerd alert!

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?
Cooking, baking, Photography, going to Disneyland, thrifting, and doing DIY projects around the house.

1376518_10153316984145511_991923464_nDo you have any pets?
You bet I do! Tigerlily, she’s my Aussie-Queenland mix. We’re best friends for life.

If you can, will you give us one fun fact about yourself that no one else knows about you?
Mmmm…oh I’ve got two for you. I’m naturally blonde, I dye my hair different shades of brunette, and when I eat apples, I eat the whole thing. Core and all.

Last question. If you could have any super power what would you choose and why?

Well there are two that I’ve always wanted. I wish I had a high midichlorian count so I could be a Jedi or I’d really like to have the ability to morph into any animal I desired. Both of those abilities sound like waaaaaay too much fun to me.

Always fun and interesting talking with you. Thanks for letting all of us get to know you better. The next time you’re shopping online or sending an email say hi to Kielly and feel free to make fun of her for eating apples in their entirety.

Cheers friends and we’ll be featuring another employee next week! 

Meet the Foxens!

Round two! In this corner we have the big boss man himself, John Tevis, aka JT!

Thanks for being willing to share a bit about yourself with everyone. johnnie surfing
For sure, I’m stoked!

What is your official title at Foxen?
I am the Tasting Room and Wine Club Manager.

How long have you been with us?
Coming up on 2 years!

Can you tell us what your favorite Foxen wine is?
This is a loaded question, but my favorites are the Tinaquaic Cab Franc, Range 30 West, Fe Ciega and La Encantada Pinots.

What do you love most about wine?
That it’s a living and ever changing liquid, and the way that it affects all senses and blends with food, setting, and mood to create a unique experience each time.

What is your all time favorite food and wine pairing?
2011 Range 30 West with T-Bone Truffle Sliders from SY Kitchen.

johnnie long hairWhat is your favorite local and non-local restaurants?
Industrial Eats in Buellton is blowing up right now! Favorite non-local restaurants are Redd Wood in Yountville and Russian River Brewery. They have the best pizza ever!

What grape varietal best represents your personality?
Cabernet Sauvignon.
Why is that?
It’s full-bodied and VERY complex with patience, drive, and force. Not shy.

What do you love most about living in Santa Barbara County?
The farming community. People here are so down to earth and the proximity to the ocean and mountains.

Where are some places you’ve lived besides the Central Coast?
Hawaii and San Diego

If you could live in any wine growing region in the world to live, where would you choose?
I’m already there! I pick Santa Barbara County! I love its location, diversity, uniqueness, and personality.

What are your favorite pastimes or hobbies?
Brewing, surfing, snowboarding, playing music, camping, and fishing.

Do you have any pets?391465_4378135168956_1514462378_n
Henry the Pug!

Give us a fun fact that no one else knows about you.
I’ve got two for you! I used to be a personal trainer and I studied Marine Biology in college.

Outside of wine, what is your greatest passion?
Beer. I’ve been brewing for several years and it is easily my life passion.

One last fun question for you. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Spider senses. I want to depict every phenol in wine, beer, and food. I basically want to be the world’s best taster.

That’s awesome! Thank you so much for your time JT and letting all of us learn something new about you. The next time you stop by Foxen make sure you say hi to Johnnie and pick his brain about Beer and Wine. He knows his stuff!

Cheers friends!

Meet the Foxens!

Hi everyone! This is the first in a series of interviews we will be doing with our Foxen staff so you, our lovely fans, can get to know us better!

First up to bat is our lovely Natalie aka Natty!
1488225_10152111375628535_1142049639_nHi Natty, what do you do at Foxen?
Hello! I’m the Events Coordinator and I work in the tasting rooms.

How long have you been with us at Foxen?
I’ve been working here for about 1 1/2 years.

Which Foxen wine is your personal favorite?
I absolutely LOVE the Tinaquaic Cab Franc. It’s easily my favorite.

What do you love most about wine or being in the wine industry?
I really love wine’s ability to bring people together.

If you had to pick an all time favorite food and wine pairing, what would it be?
Spicy Mexican food with Cab Franc! My favorite dish is Chicken Nachos, with lots of spiciness. Cab Franc has wonderful jalapeno and green pepper notes to it so it pairs great with Mexican cuisine.

Tell us two of your favorite places to eat. Let’s hear one local restaurant and one non-local.
Root 246 in Solvang and The Publican in Chicago.

What do you love most about living in Santa Barbara County?
Lots of things. I’d say mostly it’s the weather, the wine, the food and the people!

Where are some other places that you’ve lived?
I’ve lived in New York, Indiana, and I’m originally from the San Fernando Valley.

If you could live in any wine growing region in the world, where would you choose?
Russian River Valley
Why is that?
It’s beautiful there and they have great wines there. My new favorite brewery is there too, it’s called Russian River Brewing Co. They make sour beers there that are wonderful!

What is your favorite hobby or past time?
Dancing! It’s actually my greatest passion outside of wine. I was a professional dancer for 10 years!

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a mini-doxie named Lucy. She’s my little sweetheart.971553_10152012118663535_427535737_n

Last but not least. Can you give us one fun fact about yourself that no one else knows?
Mmm…The first concert I ever went to I saw Tom Jones.

That’s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us Natty! 

Next time you come visit us say hi to Natalie and look out for our next staff profile next Friday. Cheers Friends!

Good News from Wine & Spirits Magazine!

It never get’s less exciting or humbling to receive such wonderful praise for our wines. Wine & Spirits Magazine’s upcoming February issue will be focusing on positive changes and growth in New World wine and the wine industry as a whole. Wine & Spirits have honored Foxen by selecting us to be apart of this kick off celebration.

Best of all, they have named our 2011 Syrah Tinaquaic Vineyard “Year’s Best Syrah,” and they have also selected the 2012 Chardonnay Bien Nacido – Block UU to celebrate as well. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Thanks to our family, friends, and fans for the support. We couldn’t do this without you!

94 Points from Wine & Spirits Magazine

91 Points from Wine & Spirits Magazine

Look at all those lovely numbers!

Renowned wine critic Josh Raynolds, of International Wine Cellar, recently reviewed our wines and the scores are beautiful! We are so proud of our wines and we are thrilled at how well received they all are!

11-Julia-PN2011 Pinot Noir Julia’s Vineyard Santa Maria Valley
Bright ruby.  Sexy, oak-spiced cherry-cola and spice cake scents, along with a suave vanilla quality.  Smoky, penetrating bitter cherry and smoky mineral flavors are sweetened by a mocha nuance and show impressive precision.  Supple and seamless on the clinging finish, which features velvety tannins and an echo of vanillin oak.
92 Points

11-SeaSmke-PN2011 Pinot Noir Sea Smoke Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills
Ruby-red.  Heady aromas of black raspberry, cherry-cola, potpourri and smoky minerals, with a sexy incense nuance in the background.  Smooth, palate-staining dark berry and floral pastille flavors are lifted and braced by juicy acidity that adds back-end cut.  Shows superb clarity on the mineral-tinged finish, which features supple tannins and lingering florality.
92 Points

11-Toasted-Rope2011 Syrah Toasted Rope Vogelzang Vineyard Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara
Deep red.  High-pitched red berry and rose scents are given depth by suggestions of wood smoke and licorice.  Sappy, penetrating red fruit flavors are full of verve and sharpened by a palate-numbing black pepper quality.  There’s a litheness here that reminds me of Pinot Noir.  Closes tangy and long, with impressive clarity, silky tannins and lingering smokiness.  This intriguing wine, modeled on Cote-Rotie (mission accomplished), was bottled unfined and unfiltered.
92 Points

11-LaEnc-PN2011 Pinot Noir La Encantada Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills
Vivid ruby.  A highly perfumed bouquet evokes fresh raspberry, Asian spices, rose and wood smoke.  Sweet, sappy and focused, with impressive clarity to its red fruit and floral pastille flavors.  Becomes spicier and smokier with air and shows very good balance, in a Chambolle way.  Finishes very long, with fine-grained tannins adding shape and grip.
92 Points

11-Fe-Ciega-PN2011 Pinot Noir Fe Ciega Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills
Brilliant ruby-red.  Fragrant, spice-tinged aromas of raspberry, cherry and rose pastille.  Smooth and fleshy on entry, then tighter in the mid-palate, offering sweet red fruit flavors and hints of orange zest and smoky minerals that add vivacity.  Finishes on an appealingly sweet note, with smooth tannins shaping the fresh red berry and rose flavors.
91 Points

11-Block-43-BN-PN2011 Pinot Noir Bien Nacido – Block 43 Santa Maria Valley
Brilliant ruby-red.  Spicy red fruit and floral scents are complemented by notes of Asian spices and musky herbs.  A sweet vanilla note comes up with air and gives depth to sappy raspberry and rose pastille flavors.  Becomes spicier on the finish, shaped by smooth, harmonious tannins.  This Pinot benefits a lot from air and should be even better in a couple of years.
91(+) Points

11-Melville-PN2011 Pinot Noir Melville Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills
Bright ruby.  A heady, complex bouquet displays dried cherry, blackberry, sassafras and wood smoke, with a hint of spice cake gaining strength in the glass.  Sappy and penetrating on the palate, with very good depth and energy to its dark fruit flavors.  Closes smoky and quite long, with slow-building, chewy tannins and a hint of candied licorice.
91 Points

11-TQ-Syrah-2011 Syrah Tinaquaic Vineyard Santa Maria Valley
Inky ruby.  Smoky dark berries and cherry compote on the perfumed, floral-accented nose.  Supple, sweet and broad on entry, then tighter in the mid-palate, offering spicy cassis, cherry-cola, candied violet flavors and a touch of cured meat.  Rich but lively and focused, with a smooth, gently tannic finish and lingering florality.  Very Syrah but also distinctly Californian as well.
91 Points

11-WD-Syrah2011 Syrah Williamson-Doré Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley
Inky ruby.  Textbook Syrah aromas of dark berries, olive tapenade, floral oils and cracked pepper.  Fleshy, sweet and smooth on the palate, offering smoky cassis and blueberry flavors and a hint of vanilla.  Surprisingly lithe for its power, with the peppery nuance adding bite to a very long, vanilla- and violet-tinged finish.  This would be a great choice to serve alongside a smoky, pepper-crusted grilled steak.
91 Points

12-Block-UU-Chard2012 Chardonnay Bien Nacido Vineyard – Block UU Santa Maria Valley
Light yellow.  An exotically perfumed bouquet displays Viognier-like scents of peach nectar, violet, honey and white pepper.  Sappy and fine-grained on the palate, offering intense pit fruit and orange flavors and a suave floral quality.  Lively, focused and spicy on the finish, showing good energy and closing cut.  This wine has a relatively low pH of 3.21.
91 Points

11-Cuvee-JM2011 Cuveé Jeanne Marie Williamson-Doré Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley
78% Grenache and 22% Mourvedre.  Inky ruby.  Black and blue fruits on the perfumed, pepper-accented nose and in the mouth.  Rich but energetic, with good juicy lift and an exotic floral pastille nuance.  Youthfully taut tannins give grip to a long, spicy and persistent finish.  This wine benefits considerably from an hour or so of aeration.
90(+) Points

10-CabSauv-Vog2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Vogelzang Vineyard Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara
Opaque ruby.  Oak-spiced cherry and cassis on the nose, along with notes of licorice, pipe tobacco and vanilla.  Plush and open-knit, offering powerful dark berry compote flavors and a hint of bitter chocolate.  Stretches out with air and picks up a subtle floral quality that carries through a long, youthfully tannic finish.  By all means give this one some air.
90 Points

12-SMV-PN2012 Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley
Vivid red.  Fresh red berry and floral scents show very good clarity and pick up a spicy nuance with air.  Silky and seamless in texture, offering gently sweet raspberry and cherry flavors and a touch of florality.  Closes silky and long, with gentle tannins and lingering spiciness.
90 Points

12-Tinaquaic-Chard2012 Chardonnay Tinaquaic Vineyard Santa Maria Valley
Light yellow-gold.  Waxy aromas of dried pear, citrus pith and anise, with a subtle smoky overtone.  Fleshy but dry, offering bitter pear skin, quince and lemon zest flavors and a deeper suggestion of buttered toast.  Finishes on a suave floral note, with very good cut and length.
90 Points

11-John-PN2011 Pinot Noir John Sebastiano Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills
Ripe aromas of musky dark fruits, licorice and wood smoke. Full, fat and sweet, with chewy texture and serious heft to its cassis and bitter cherry flavors; definitely in a rather masculine style for Pinot, but not missing balance.  Closes with firm grip and slow-building tannins, leaving a dark berry note behind.
90 Points

11-Block-8-PN2011 Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Vineyard – Block 8 Santa Maria Valley
Bright ruby.  Powerful, heady aromas of dark berry preserves, vanilla, mocha and wood smoke.  Opulent and emphatically fruity, offering black raspberry and vanilla bean flavors that coat the palate.  What this Pinot lacks in delicacy it makes up for with heft and decadent fruit.  Finishes sweet, smoky and long, with a strong echo of vanilla.  Fans of large-scaled Pinot will go nuts for this one, while those in the proverbial pursuit of balance will no doubt demur;  I suspect that both camps will disagree with my score.
90 Points

12-Sauv-Blanc2012 Sauvignon Blanc Vogelzang Vineyard Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara
Pale gold.  Fresh peach, poached pear and honey on the fragrant nose, with gentle herbacity building in the glass.  Sappy and focused, with chewy pear and pit fruit flavors showing good depth and breadth.  Turns spicier on the long and juicy finish.
89 Points

12-Chenin-EW2012 Chenin Blanc Ernesto Wickenden Vineyard Santa Maria Valley
Pale yellow.  Aromas of honeydew, pear skin and ginger, with a hint of white pepper adding lift.  Shows a slightly dry edge to its melon and orchard fruit flavors and becomes spicier with air.  Closes on a tactile, chewy note, with good focus and cut.  Could use a bit more succulence.
87 Points

Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide California

The upcoming “Best of the Year” issue from Wine Enthusiast features their Buying Guide for California. We are proud to say that we received some more awesome scores and reviews from the magazine!

11-Toasted-Rope92 Points Foxen 2011 Toasted Rope Syrah Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara
Vigorous in body, this Syrah comes from on of Foxen’s warmest vineyards, the well known Vogelzang. It’s riper and higher in alcohol than their Tinaquaic Syrah, making it richer, rounder and tastier. With blackberry, orange peel, red licorice, and cola flavors. It’s balanced with fine tannins and acidity. Drink now.

11-WD-Syrah91 Points Foxen 2011 Syrah Williamson-Doré Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley
What a pretty Syrah this is. With moderate alcohol and subtle oak influences, it’s dry and stylishly elegant in the mouth. The flavors veer toward ripe cherries and blackberries, sprinkled with cinnamon, cocoa and finely-ground black pepper. Drink now-2015.

11-Cuvee-JM89 Points Foxen 2011 Cuveé Jeanne Marie Williamson Doré Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley
With 15% alcohol by volume, this is the headiest of Foxen’s new 2011 reds. A blend of Grenache and Mourvédre, it’s fruity and almost to the point of sweetness in raspberries and cherries, but turns dry and crisp on the finish. A delightful red wine to drink now with almost anything, and you can even put a little chill on it.


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